NuovoPay for Point of Sale Leasing

Empower Businesses With Smart Solutions, Protect Your Leased Devices With NuovoPay

Why NuovoPay?

Best-In Market Solution to Secure the Leasing Commitment of Point of Sale Devices

Facilitate Retailers With Next-Gen POS Systems

Quickly lease Android-based POS devices to business owners empowering them to facilitate digital experience to their customers.

Protect Leased POS Devices

Protect the POS devices with NuovoPay’s locking technology without impacting the end-user’s privacy & experience.

Streamline Payment Reminders

Schedule prompt payment reminders & stay updated with payment cycles.

Remotley Block Device Access

Remotely lock defaulter POS devices till the dues are cleared.

Unlock Device Keeping Data Intact

Swiftly unlock POS devices after EMI remittance & allow the business owners to instantly use the devices.

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Finance Companies


POS Device Providers



Encourage Businesses Riding the New Wave of Retail

Ensure your Leased POS With Nuovopay

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NuovoPay Helps You in Securing Your Leasing Payments

With Its Industry-Leading POS Lockdown Technology

  • Support for Android-based POS
  • Simplified Integration
  • Streamline Payment Logs
  • Remote Locking
  • Reduced Collection Costs
  • Assured Revenue