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Revolutionizing Device Financing Risk Management with NuovoPay

NuovoPay is a leading Device Financing Risk Management platform that provides financial institutions and telecom carriers with a comprehensive solution to manage the risk associated with providing financing for devices such as smartphones and laptops. With advanced features such as default and delinquency management, automation, and integration with third-party solutions for credit risk assessment, NuovoPay enables financial institutions and telecom carriers to protect financed devices in case of EMI defaults.

NuovoPay’s cutting-edge technologies and integration capabilities make it a highly sought-after solution in the industry. Its reputation as a leader in Device Financing Risk Management is solidified by its track record of delivering results for its clients and its commitment to compliance and customer satisfaction.

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NuovoPay enables telecom carriers, Resellers & Finance companies to protect their financed devices against EMI payment defaults. NuovoPay's mobile locking technology remotely locks the devices that are financed to the consumers in the event of failure in EMI payments or if the devices are reported stolen. This ensures reduced collection costs and timely EMI payments.

Assured repayments for Finance companies

Maintain payment logs and send up-to-date payment reminders from the dashboard

Secure PaaS ecosystem for Telecom Operators

Maintain payment logs and send up-to-date payment reminders from the dashboard


Millions to own a smartphone


We are continually striving to bridge the digital divide in the world by offering an exceptional platform that caters to all your smartphone financing and procurement needs. Explore the plethora of features and leverage NuovoPay for Finance Companies, Telecom Companies and Consumers.

Finance Companies

NuovoPay works towards mitigating the risks associated with financed laptops with an assurance of timely repayments. With features like Automated Payment Reminders and Blocking Smartphone Access for defaulters, NuovoPay translates the journey of technology financing into boosting revenues for organizations while curtailing the cost of payments collection and reducing loan default rates.

Telecom Companies

NuovoPay establishes a secure PaaS ecosystem for telecom companies with assured protection of the financed smartphones and enables them to build a profitable device financing model. With the features like reduction of EMI requisition costs, support for multiple device financing plans, and integrations with leading billing system providers, NuovoPay remains at the forefront of inculcating revenue generation opportunities for customers.


Our mission is to empower millions across the globe to have access to Smartphones. We envision everyone to own a smartphone of their choice, becoming financially inclusive and technologically empowered. With NuovoPay, we ensure the success of the smartphone financing process for companies which enables them to unravel opportunities for people to own smartphones, irrespective of their credit history.

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