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Encourage customers to make payments on time. Reduce smartphone loan default risk

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It’s always a good idea to protect your investment

As smartphone financing becomes more popular, so does the commercial risk. Protect all your financed Android smartphones on NuovoPay’s DFRM (Device Financing Risk Management) platform. Expand your Android smartphone product range to increase your revenue source while managing payment default or handset fraud.

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How does NuovoPay work?

Protect your investment with these simple steps

  • Step 1
    Onboard all Android 7.0 and over Android smartphones on NuovoPay’s DFRM platform

  • Step 2
    Set recurring payment reminders to encourage on-time monthly payments

  • Step 3
    Missed payment? Initiate phase-wise restrictions on smartphone apps and features

Why Nuovopay?

Make Android smartphone financing available for many customers to drive revenue while improving monthly payment collections.

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