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Secure financed Android smartphones and tablets against theft and payment defaults. Encourage customers to make timely payments and ensure a smooth device financing journey.

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It’s always a good idea to protect your investment

Secure your investments in Android smartphones and tablets with NuovoPay’s DFRM (Device Financing Risk Management) platform. Let our sophisticated risk management features alleviate any concerns surrounding financed Android devices. Seamlessly integrated across all Android devices, our platform promises a smooth and effortless user experience while protecting your devices from theft, misuse, and payment defaults.

How it works?

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Easy as it is

Secure Android device financing in a few simple steps

  • Step 1
    Onboard all Android 7.0 and over Android smartphones on NuovoPay’s DFRM platform

  • Step 2
    Set recurring payment reminders to encourage on-time monthly payments

  • Step 3
    In case of defaults, limit device access to only emergency services to encourage repayment

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Scale Android device financing profitably

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