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NuovoPay is a product by ProMobi Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ProMobi Technologies is a product company headquartered in India, that provides technology solutions and SaaS products to SMBs and Enterprises. NuovoPay’s device locking technology is powered by Scalefusion, which is market-tested and industry-verified.

Enabling Millions Across the Globe to Have Access to Smartphones

NuovoPay is on a mission to build a technology platform that will enable people across the world to have easy access to consumer finance & hardware such as smartphones, irrespective of credit history. Today, millions of people across the world lack sufficient funds to purchase a smartphone, closing the doors of progress, empowerment and development that could be facilitated by the use of technology. Millions of these do not have a bank account, let alone a credit history to apply for financial assistance to obtain a smartphone. With our technology platform, millions can apply for a financing plan to get a smartphone, paving the way for a promising future.

Simplifying Recovery of Leased Devices

NuovoPay wants to empower technology finance companies, resellers and telecom carriers to build a sustainable device financing model. With NuovoPay, financing devices and assuring payment requisition is a breeze. NuovoPay streamlines the process of protecting the leased devices against non-payments. NuvoPay’s remote locking technology ensures that financing companies have the ultimate control over their leased devices and the cost spent on recovering the defaulter, lost or stolen devices is a bare minimum. Think ‘virtual recovery agent’ for your leased devices!

Facilitating HaaS Hardware-as-a-service

In the emerging markets crowded with SaaS solutions, NuovoPay is on a mission to conjure a focus-shift. With new technologies emerging every day, restricting technology-conscious users to use one device for a considerable period of time is just not done. In developed nations, users replace their phones every two years on an average. These users want to have the latest smartphones at their disposal without burning a hole in their pockets.
Enabling device financing solves this predicament- users can have the newest phone and they have to pay only for the period they’ve used it for. Replacing old phones with the newer ones as soon as they are launched can be thus made possible. Users can go for phone upgrades without creating a dent in their finances!

Reducing the Distressing Amount of E-Waste

Discarded laptops, mobile phones and other electronic items are one of the largest contributors to global waste. Just in the United States, 70% of overall toxic waste comes from electronic items. Out of the total e-junk created, less than 20% is recycled. That’s an alarming number.
NuovoPay enables financing and financial companies to connect people who need a smartphone to discarded phones that would otherwise end up in digital debris of our planet Earth. It is our tiny effort to bring about a change. We believe, everything big starts small!

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