Smartphone leasing for Telcos with NuovoPay

Penetrate the smartphone financing market with confidence driven by NuovoPay

Why NuovoPay?

A dedicated solution to increase profitability, customer loyalty
and retention via device financing

Offer Customers the Latest Smartphones

Finance Android and iOS smartphones and tablets to consumers by pre-bundle them with your SIM services.

Protect Financed Android Devices

Ensure underlying costs with NuovoPay’s non-invasive mobile phone locking technology.

Automate Payment Reminders

Streamline payments by scheduling weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly payment reminders.

Retain Customer Loyalty

Remotely block device access if the SIM is removed or replaced.

Lock Defaulter Devices

Lock online as well as offline smartphones if EMI remittance fails. Unlock after payment is completed.

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Device Financing


Reduced Defaulter Rates


Customer Loyalty

Reach out to new consumers with device financing

Secure financed devices with NuovoPay

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NuovoPay Helps You in Securing Smartphone Financing Installments

With Its Industry-Leading Remote Device Locking Technology

  • Support for all Android devices with OS 7.0 and Above
  • Support for iOS DEP Devices
  • Integration with Mobile Wallets and Existing Systems
  • SIM-based Locking to improve Prepaid Customer Retention and Loyalty
  • Streamlined Payment Logs and Reminders
  • Customer Loyalty