Looking for a PayJoy Alternative?

Meet NuovoPay. NuovoPay helps businesses to protect leased devices.

  • Safe & Secure
  • Quick & Easy

Why Choose NuovoPay over PayJoy?

Cutting-edge solution to secure leasing across diverse device types including mobile phones and POS.

Protect leased devices with SDK integration

Quickly lease Android-based devices with SDK integration- no complex setup and no latest processes.

Support for all Android device

Lease Google Certified Android Devices above OS 7.0 as well as custom Android devices with ease.

Leverage flexible pricing

Choose your own pricing plans- bundle packages or opt for Quarterly/ Half yearly, Annual or lifetime subscriptions.

Swift payment reminders

Send payment reminders on leased devices via integration of developer API. No hassle and no room for oversight.

We Support


Finance Companies


POS Device Providers



NuovoPay- An Ideal Solution for FinTech Institutes

NuovoPay partners with FinTech companies to support device leasing

  • Simplified Integration with device inventory
  • Ability to set mobile devices as collateral for personal loan
  • Multi-language support
  • Remote Locking
  • Reduced Collection Costs
  • Assured Revenue